The world we live in calls for fully connected, expressed individuals; folks who have the courage to answer the call that is unique to their destiny and embrace their essence. To sustain and thrive, we must develop our ability to collaborate, unlearn patterns that keeps us in fear, unlock our creative spirit and dare to be real together. Like many prophecies speak to, now is the time to embed ourselves in the larger consciousness of the ecosystem we live in and carry through the passion, the stories and tools needed to respond together to this time of great turning.

The four core capacities Rising Together participants will develop


1- Embodied Community Leadership skills

Today’s world calls for a kind of leadership that is community-based, creative, holistic, collaborative and heart-based. This form of community engagement is born out of the healthy maturation of the human spirit. When a community is infused with such embodied leadership, community capacity arises naturally, allowing people and earth to find harmonious alignment and thrive as a whole.

Training in Embodied Community Leadership offers

  • Activation of personal gifts.

  • Ways to build a life and a community that is balanced, meaningful, creative and authentic.

  • Find greater peace with where you and your community stand on its life journey.

  • Healthy human development and rites of passage

  • Understand the role of ceremony in the health of individuals & communities

  • Transformation of dry, dreaded community meetings into something connected that supports your deepest value.

2- Deep Listening: The art of tuning in

In order to move through the cycle of human development towards wholeness, one must discover the multiple facets that makes them who they are – including the shadow and the light.

Deep Listening skills help you

  • Learn to track and release personal obstacles and blocks within yourself and others.

  • Learn to identify your gifts and the gifts of others

  • Cultivate forgiveness, un-shaming, fear-busting and adaptability

  • Understand the self within the context of natural cycles.

  • Generate vision and strong intention for the life you are called to live.

  • Invite nature’s intelligence to become your guide, your ally.

3- The Soul of Community

Navigating the social dynamics that arise skillfully and authentically is an art that must be studied to midwife a new earth culture. We introduce indigenous and contemporary peacemaking tools and organizational structures that enable embodied collective understanding, effective collaboration, self-awareness, which then build the foundations for healthy relationships.

Grounding the Soul of Community helps you to

  • Gracefully negotiate & reconcile conflict

  • Cultivate trust and unity with self and others

  • Untangle patterns that separate you from engaging authentically with others.

  • Learn the art of healing touch as vehicle for community bonding and wellness.

  • Be grounded, embodied and truthful in the midst of tense situations.

  • Understand what builds safety, trust and authenticity within community.

  • Build solidarity, trust and awareness around gender dynamics and differences.

  • Choose your words mindfully: Speak and listen from the heart

4- Connection thru Self Expression

What allows human beings to be authentic, grounded and feel fully alive comes from our connection to our core, to others and the vessel in which we evolve in. To access that place within, we must learn the art of quieting our mind, opening our senses and trust the integrity of who we are. From that embodied place of expression, our unique gifts and our fullest expression comes through.

Pathways to Authentic Self Expression

  • Embodied awareness through dance

  • Storytelling & improvisation

  • Rituals

  • Practice of gratitude