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Letter to creatives & midwives of the new story 


If you are like me, you are inspired to create in your daily life an alternative model of living which supports the actualization of the human spirit - yours and others. You know there’s a path to co-creating a soul-centered culture. You might often feel that something is missing in your life or feel more at home in nature. You believe in the power of the heart, creative arts, community engagement and thrive in spaces where authentic expression is celebrated. Whether you are aspiring to teach in a new way, build an intentional community, run a holistic center or face a time of transition, exploring what's next, the retreats, quests, coaching and training programs i offer with my peers might be the perfect gift for you and your community. 

By offering conscious leadership & relational skills, our programs are designed to provide you with the tools, vision, mind-set and embodied understanding of what it takes to build an authentic thriving community field while being true to yourself as an agent of change and a co-creator. 

Midwifing communities whether you're building a startup or building a land-based community is like a passionate love affair. It is enlivening, messy, healing, overwhelming at times, nourishing, stressful and everything in between. When held too tight with control and fear, it falls apart or becomes toxic. When communities thrives, they are unstoppable, abundant and become a beacon of light that are magnetizing all those who come into contact.  

I'm here with my team, here to make your life journey more joyful, conscious and effortless. Bring your community vision, your whole self, your inner challenges and an opened perspective. We’ll bring you the practical tools, practices, a mind-set and presence that lie at the core of healthy and thriving living systems.

In solidarity, 

Magalie Bonneau, catalyst. 

Upcoming Trainings & Retreats

See what can transform your life & your community

Our programs offer you the opportunity to:

  • Recommit to your true calling as a healer, visionary, community leader and change agent.

  • Find a loving, supportive and authentic community of kindred spirits who will alleviate the loneliness you might experiencing in the mainstream culture

  • Experience a loving, supportive and authentic community of kindred spirits

  • Develop skills, perspective and clarity to cultivate a strong and authentic community culture

  • Learn community practices that foster, collaboration, group cooperation, participation and inclusion

  • Renew, restore and expand your perspective and vision on what is possible for you and your community

  • Gain a clearer vision of the community you wish to be part of

  • Examine beliefs and paradoxes that separate you from living the life you are longing for

  • Learn how to navigate relationship challenges with greater awareness, grace and ease

  • Guide community decisions from a mind-body-spirit centered place

  • Empower yourself and your community by tapping into your intuition

  • Be more effective in facilitating meetings, holding space and for resolving challenging social dynamics

  • Build deeper trust and the ability to be authentic and understanding among your team and community

  • Become a leader in designing how communities are agents of healing and cultural transformation

  • Heal yourself first so you can bring healing and empowerment to the world

  • Learn a holistic leadership framework you can take home to your community – a blueprint founded on clarity, ease, authenticity, celebration and intimacy

  • Cultivate a new sense of confidence and perspective, affecting how you engage life from the most mundane to the most ambitious and how you can navigate the ebbs and the flows. 

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