Magalie Bonneau-Marcil, CPCC


Magalie is the founder of Shaping New Culture & Dancing Without Borders. She is a visionary community leader who’s been dedicated for a decade to support the inner path of change makers. She is passionate about creating spaces unifying, healing and empowering through dance, coaching and facilitation. Magalie is a certified coach, a carrier of the Way of Council and a Dancing Freedom facilitator. She is passionate about creating sacred community spaces where participants can dive into new levels of consciousness, experience their true essence, discover who they are and access a new sense of possibilities. Magalie’s wisdom is founded on Magalie’s wisdom is founded on her study of love, somatic and regenerative community culture, studies with indigenous cultures and, as a young adult, her Olympic quest as a solo sailor. Her work with embodied leadership, reconciliation and ritual has been shared in Europe, South Africa, Brazil and California. 

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Eric Gauthier

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Eric Gauthier is CEO of Sac’Be Creation, an innovation accelerator enabling creative businesses, organizations and open communities to transform as they reach for what could not be imagined. Thanks to having built two technology companies and being an angel investor for seven years, Eric has extensive experience in building and coaching market disrupting ventures. Eric devotes his time to building a new holistic philosophy, devising innovative processes and creating transformations designed to serve society and businesses. Eric is the author of the forthcoming book, What Do You Want?