Are you ripe to feel more enlivened and awake than you ever have? 

Have you noticed that what has made you successful in the first half of your life is now getting

in the way of actualizing your spiritual potential and wellbeing? 

You might be noticing that what has made you successful in the first half of your life is now getting in the way of allowing you to actualize your true spiritual potential and wellbeing. This intimate retreat is an invitation to develop your capacity and awareness that will allow you to live your life more fully, guided by your whole body intelligence. This shift is a doorway to experience radical freedom and soul connection that money can't buy. 

This intimate 4-day intensive offers a safe and compassionate space to explore your longings and edges as a man to meet yourself and your relationships with greater capacity for depth, trust, authenticity, and love. You'll embark on a journey that invites you to grow into a more awake form of masculinity that honors what's most alive for you. 

This is for you if...

  • You're on the path of personal transformation and actualization of your true destiny and you're seeking to develop an embodied experience of spirituality. 
  • You're seeking deeper intimacy and connections with women of great radiance and spirit. 
  • You are seeking greater balance, ease and grace in actualizing your relationships and your purpose. 
  • You are longing for deeper, more authentic and trustworthy relationships. 
  • You're seeking to open more deeply to every moment and navigate uncertainty with greater ease and faith. 
  • You want to live more in your body, in your heart, embody more your true wild and free nature. 

You'll be exploring...

RE-BIRTH is designed to provide you with the tools, vision, mind-set and embodied understanding of what it takes to live an awake life while being true to yourself. 

  • You'll deepen your capacity to listen and trust the voice of your body, heart and source intelligence. 

  • You'll explore how you can embody the archetype of the lover in relationship to how you show up in the world.
  • You'll learn and practice embodied centering practices that foster greater capacity for grounding, inner peace, awareness and compassion. 

  • You'll bring greater consciousness towards feminine / masculine dynamics, supporting greater integration and trust between genders and within yourself.
  • You'll develop skills and capacity to build greater trust and transparency within your relationships. 

  • You'll engage in shadow work, transforming inner patterns that keeps us in fear or in need to control, limiting our ability to support what wants to emerge.

  • You'll have an opportunity to visit the questions...

Who Am I?
Who Am I in Relationship to Others?
Who Am I as a Man – carrier of both feminine and masculine energy?
Who Am I as an Intimate Being in relation to the wild and radiant feminine? How can I meet her more fully?  

when and where

The next retreat is yet to be scheduled. Stay tuned. 


$2750 USD early bird before August 1st 2016.

$3250  USD  standard fee*  

* You can choose to pay your tuition in the form of offering a donation to 'Embodied Visionary' and receive a tax deductible receipt in return.  Embodied Visionary supports culture making creative actions worldwide in support to social change. 

The fee includes organic food and tuition + one pre-workshop coaching session and a post workshop group coaching session.

Travel costs not included.  Body work will be available at an extra fee.  


Questions? contact Magalie

e: / tel. 415.517.8814

A personal note from Magalie

I lived the first part of my life committed to manifest my highest aspirations and unconsciously, sought recognition for my successes and my goodness. I worked hard with focus, persistence, integrity, struggle and a lot of efforting. Sounds familiar? It paid off.  In my mid-20's I was national champion as a solo sailor. I had more money than I knew what to do with. I had been on the cover of magazines. I was well perceived by my community and the public at large. And, it all came at a high cost too. Something inside felt empty and insecure when I would slow down. My system didn't know inner peace and true serenity. 

At the cusp of the Olympic trials, my spine suddenly paralyzed, forcing me to cross a threshold forcing my unstoppable will to surrender to something greater I didn't see coming. 

I woke up. 

In spite of my ego attached to its own agenda, life was clearly inviting me to instigate a radical shift in the way I was relating to life, to myself and to my destiny. While my mind became still, my body said, let go of the comfort of what you know and dare to be a pilgrim. I did. Deep down, I was ready to listen to what life had in store for me when I let go and let life guide me. 

What unfolded from there has been richer and more liberating than anything I could have ever imagined.

This retreat is an invitation for you to discover what life wants for you, as you let go and courageously open to the mystery. It's meant to be a doorway to your true freedom, a space to become more grounded and honest with your true nature and experience what arises as you return home, in our heart, body, sensuality, and life. 

It would be an honor to journey with you. 

With love, 



Magalie Bonneau-Marcil, CPCC 

Magalie Bonneau-Marcil, CPCC 


Magalie is a visionary community leader who’s been dedicated for a decade to support the inner path of conscious leaders and social entrepreneurs. She is passionate about creating spaces unifying, healing and empowering through dance, coaching and facilitation. She is passionate about creating sacred community spaces where participants can dive into new levels of consciousness, experience their true essence, discover who they are and access a new sense of possibilities. Magalie’s wisdom is founded on Magalie’s wisdom is founded on her study of love, somatic and regenerative community culture, studies with indigenous cultures and, as a young adult, her Olympic quest as a solo sailor. Her work with embodied leadership, reconciliation and ritual has been shared on 4 continents.  Magalie is the founder of Shaping New Culture & Dancing Without Borders. She is a certified co-active coach, the Embodied Present Process, a carrier of the Way of Council and a Dancing Freedom facilitator.



This is coming Home! My life has shifted 180 degrees. It’s been a game changer. It’s no longer my life. I am life. It is that simple. It is not about me anymore. It is about what I can DO for others. Magalie’s boldness is so profound that it is opening up a whole new universe where words are merly one of millions ways to communication. Now I know. I know. I am.
— Per from Sweden, father of 5, entrepreneur
I felt really good about myself and more grounded than I could ever imagine. It’s kinda strange because I imagine that I would feel “over excited” or deeply sentimental, but I felt connected with myself and the others. I felt peaceful and a great sense of balance between my body and my mind. I had very strong feelings but at the same time, some how, I manage to channel then in a very positive way. This is for sure very significant to me!

I also learn interesting things about my body and about community that I hope I can keep exploring in the future! I have this urge in me to dance and move !
— Pedro, graphic designer, Portugal
“I am at loss of words in a sense. Maybe just getting more into the indescribable essence of being with my body.
The journey that we embarked upon helped still my mind, strengthened my trust for the unknown and allowed me to just BE the beautiful being I am without necessary needing to think about it. It was great to get away from ‘the story’ of who I am and bask in my own true nature. I found that the truth is revealed only when one can separate from the ‘story’ and examine raw feelings and emotions. Seeing the transformation of the group was breathtaking and empowering. I came with a heavy burden and through conscious presence and good council I was able to transcend the triggers and make a step forward. I take with me the soul of our group and will carry it in my heart for many years.”
— Jonathan, social entrepreneur, father