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Are you seeking to experience the true potential of community as a vehicle for collaboration, social innovation, fulfillment? Are you longing to get to know who you really are and experience coming home inside?  Are you seeking ways to support the actualization of the human spirit - yours and others? You know there’s a path to co-creating a culture that is fueled from the source of empathy, passion, self-knowledge and shared vision. You might feel that something is missing in your relationship to feel truly connected and fulfilled. You believe in the power of the heart, creative arts, community engagement and thrive in spaces where authentic expression is celebrated. Whether you are aspiring to lead in a new way, launch initiatives locally or abroad, run a holistic center or face a time of transition, our training programs might be the perfect medicine for you and your community. 

By offering conscious leadership & relational skills, Rising Together Programs are designed to provide you the tools, vision, mind-set and embodied understanding of what it takes to build a thriving community field while being true to yourself as an change agent. More about the curriculum here

Building community can feel like a passionate love affair. It's often enlivening, messy, healing, overwhelming at times, nourishing, stressful and everything in between. When held too tight with control and fear, community can fall apart or becomes toxic. When it is thriving, its members become unstoppable; a real beacon of light and inspiration for all those who come into their contact.

How to set the foundation to make your experience a positive and enriching one? This is where we can guide you. 

Rising Together is here to make your community and personal leadership journey more joyful, conscious, creative, effective and effortless. Bring your community vision, your whole self, your inner challenges and an opened perspective. We’ll bring you practical tools, effective practices and a mind-set that lies at the core of healthy and thriving living systems. 

See what offering moves you. We look forward to hear from you.  

Magalie Bonneau 

Our programs offer you the opportunity to:

  • Recommit to your true calling as a healer, visionary, community leader and change agent.

  • Find a loving, supportive and authentic community of kindred spirits who will alleviate the loneliness you might experiencing in the mainstream culture

  • Experience a loving, supportive and authentic community of kindred spirits

  • Develop skills, perspective and clarity to cultivate a strong and authentic community culture

  • Learn community practices that foster, collaboration, group cooperation, participation and inclusion

  • Renew, restore and expand your perspective and vision on what is possible for you and your community

  • Gain a clearer vision of the community you wish to be part of

  • Examine beliefs and paradoxes that separate you from living the life you are longing for

  • Learn how to navigate relationship challenges with greater awareness, grace and ease

  • Guide community decisions from a mind-body-spirit centered place

  • Empower yourself and your community by tapping into your intuition

  • Be more effective in facilitating meetings, holding space and for resolving challenging social dynamics

  • Build deeper trust and the ability to be authentic and understanding among your team and community

  • Become a leader in designing how communities are agents of healing and cultural transformation

  • Heal yourself first so you can bring healing and empowerment to the world

  • Learn a holistic leadership framework you can take home to your community – a blueprint founded on clarity, ease, authenticity, celebration and intimacy

  • Cultivate a new sense of confidence and perspective, affecting how you engage life from the most mundane to the most ambitious and how you can navigate the ebbs and the flows. 


Real Magic


what participants say...

This is coming Home! My life has shifted 180 degrees. It’s been a game changer. It’s no longer my life. I am life. It is that simple. It is not about me anymore. It is about what I can DO for others. Magalie’s boldness is so profound that it is opening up a whole new universe where words are merly one of millions ways to communication. Now I know. I know. I am.
— Per from Sweden, father of 5, entrepreneur

"I am at loss of words in a sense. Maybe just getting more into the indescribable essence of being with my body.
The journey that we embarked upon helped still my mind, strengthened my trust for the unknown and allowed me to just BE the beautiful being I am without necessary needing to think about it. It was great to get away from ‘the story’ of who I am and bask in my own true nature. I found that the truth is revealed only when one can separate from the ‘story’ and examine raw feelings and emotions. Seeing the transformation of the group was breathtaking and empowering. I came with a heavy burden and through conscious presence and good council I was able to transcend the triggers and make a step forward. I take with me the soul of our group and will carry it in my heart for many years."        - Jonathan, social entrepreneur, father, skateboarder

I am at loss of words in a sense. Maybe just getting more into the indescribable essence of being with my body.
The journey that we embarked upon helped still my mind, strengthened my trust for the unknown and allowed me to just BE the beautiful being I am without necessary needing to think about it. It was great to get away from ‘the story’ of who I am and bask in my own true nature. I found that the truth is revealed only when one can separate from the ‘story’ and examine raw feelings and emotions. Seeing the transformation of the group was breathtaking and empowering. I came with a heavy burden and through conscious presence and good council I was able to transcend the triggers and make a step forward. I take with me the soul of our group and will carry it in my heart for many years.
— Jonathan, father, intentional community builder and social entrepreneur
I felt really good about myself and more grounded than I could ever imagine. It’s kinda strange because I imagine that I would feel “over excited” or deeply sentimental, but I felt connected with myself and the others. I felt peaceful and a great sense of balance between my body and my mind. I had very strong feelings but at the same time, some how, I manage to channel then in a very positive way. This is for sure very significant to me!

I also learn interesting things about my body and about community that I hope I can keep exploring in the future! I have this urge in me to dance and move !!
— Pedro from Portugal, Graphic artist
Rising Together has opened me up in profound ways I didn’t think were possible. The experience broke my heart wide open to the love for full self-expression as well as to loving myself and others. It helped me understand myself better and ultimately get in touch with my soul. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
— Johan from Finland.
This training helped me discover the responsibility I carry as I engage with groups in fully staying present and true to myself. I realized how my highs affect others as well as how my healing process can be a deep gift for the community that surrounds me as it helps others to heal too. I understood how interconnected we are in our love and pain, and how sitting in the fire together can reveal the very essence of life. I’m now able to channel my anger in a way that serves. So liberating. Thank you so much for creating this healing experience.
— Kadri from Estonia, healer, activist, intentional community builder and mother
This retreat was something I had been waiting for. I could feel myself, others and nature. I could breath, wow! This week has been so healing for me. I am now able to trust myself and life a lot more. I also see and accept my shadows a lot more. My ability to cultivate good authentic relationship with others has deepened. I can share honestly and don’t have to be afraid anymore. What a gift! From now on, I really want to listen to myself a lot more. Thank you.
— Maria from Finland
I received so many tools to handle day to day tricky situations. Now I know what’s real listening and can see others behind their masks. Magalie and Ronski are great teachers and healers.
— Elina from Finland, blogger on women's empowerment and mother
Rising Together has led me to the deepest journey into myself, the mystery of me, my patterns, shadows, needs, love, joy and connectedness. I came here raw, open, receptive - and what arose; my struggles with giving and receiving unconditional love, was surprising. With the power, strength, support and love of the group, I broke down, danced with my shadows, found my center and gave myself permission to heal.
— Inka Hell from Finland, mother, intentional community member, social entrepreneur
I warmly recommend this training for everyone, not only those who live in a community or want to build one. My motivation to attend this retreat was to overcome the anxiety, fear and mistrust I felt being around other people, to learn communication skills and a yearning for true human contact.

I did learn very useful listening and communication skills, feel really grounded in my body and gained more awareness of its wisdom. The biggest gift for me was to live, experience and feel the healing power of a conscious community, heart-based interaction and a trustful atmosphere.

I woke up to love, accept and trust myself and others. I gained trust to let go of my defenses and quit pretending I feel happy, open and confident, eager to share my experience with the world. This retreat really changed my life experience.
— Johanna from Helsinki, yoga teacher
During this retreat, I experienced the feeling of belonging together, being myself, beauty, a different kind of being. I would recommend this experience to everyone who would like to try community life but don’t have the courage. This course was not a try-out but a real experience!
I don’t consider myself to be perfect but here with all these people I felt perfect. A new beginning is possible! Community is only a word to describe this new beginning. This course opened up the meaning of this word. I acquired the skills for creating the space that we call a community.
It was a fun and expanding experience. Thank you!
— Risto, Designer, Teacher and Intentional Community Builder
don’t be afraid to face your fears
don’t be afraid to shed some tears
unleash your own ownership of those feelings you feel and go with your gut
even when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut
invoke inspiration
allow yourself forgiveness
be the best,
don’t get to caught in the inner tourmoil and mess
work through the darkness within and embrace do a dance, spread light, live full
express the pain and remember to be grounded at all times,
but find clarity through chaos
rising together,
for the benefit of each other
power in unity
power in trust
power in LOVE
rise beyond, and rise above.

with so much love,

— Bob Mulé, photographer, San Francisco
I came to the training with concentrated awareness and left with relaxed, expanded awareness.
The techniques offered helped me to release old, hidden emotions. I became even more open and sincere, it gave rise to honesty and respect towards other people. The healing power of creativity opened up, I danced, sang and created poetry freely without any emotional or mental blockages.
The ability of realization emerged while being in silence. I recommend this training. Let’s live consciously!
— Eve Soppe, Estonia
“I have never experienced anything like this! Truly a life changing experience. Beware! If you love your borders and life being dull – do not go to this course – it will change your life and you will start to love your life!
— Siim-Aoum Villido, Youth and Coach
Grateful for an expanding opportunity to awaken the hidden potentials inside me.
After 5 years of self-seeking you managed to awaken the young man inside me who had been feeling entangled. It’s time to really wake up, to open up for myself and for others, to give the best in me!
— Yuri
Ronski and Magalie know the flow. Flow is moving without obstacles. Moving like that is possible in life, community, (and) difficult situations, etc. It can be taught, it is natural, it can be trained, it can be learned, it can be remembered.
— Aigi
For a long time I had great difficulties with expressing myself. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be accepted and my truth and I would be pushed away. This course was yet another confirmation that only by living authentically as myself I can be a true gift to others. The world is yearning to meet true ME and true YOU. My story and your story can be immensely healing and inspiring for many people. Expressing myself and my truth has brought me to a more uplifting and empowered LIFE. I’m more present, awake, conscious and authentic.
Remember, if there’s something alive inside you that is seeking to be expressed, there’s always someone somewhere for whom that expression is a great gift. All ideas and visions are already in the air – in our common field. It’s in your power to bring them to life. The world is changing every day inside you and around you. Set your focus and bring your dreams to life
— Liis Luik, Kundalini yoga teacher
I came here because a conscious community wanted to emerge through me. This force was stronger than me. I trusted my inner feeling concerning the necessity of rising/awakening together. The experience exceeded all of my expectations, I experienced a deep connection with people, earth and the creator. I experienced the sacredness of everyone and everything. I want to bring this sacredness into my life every day through dance, rituals and intentions. I am the creator of my life, I am the creator of my children’s life as well. I am the creator of my community’s life, I am the creator of humanity’s life. I am.
— Selve, mother, dancer, teacher
Rising Together has been really magical transformative experience. I have finally found the ability to access my own power in a positive way. I have more courage to take initiatives, be seen for who I really am and be heard. I also recognize gifts I carry. I feel that I have gained a deep peace in my soul. The group and facilitators were awesome.
— Katariina from Finland, journalist, mother and entrepreneur.
Leading starts from within! Get to know yourself. A good leader is authentic. Moving your body helps to become really authentic. Movement has been for so long underrated as a way of learning, expressing. It felt so good to reclaim this!
— Liina, Intentional Community Builder and Permaculturist, Estonia.
This workshop gave me the time and the opportunity to look inside myself and realize who I really am and how I want to live my life.
— Marek
As I leave this retreat today, I’m not the same person anymore as before. I came to this gathering with a fear of expressing myself and speaking publicly. Actually it was a fear of being who I really am. Accepting myself is what removes all the obstacles from communication with other people. The ego dissolves. And it’s so much easier to do it together with people i.e. in a community. The feeling of love, togetherness and being supported help to carry out this change more safely and softly. I discovered for myself the healing power of touch. It is good to be touched, to feel noticed and cared about. The common conceptions about the roles of men and women are distorted. We all have both sides and we have to discover and use them. That’s the beginning of the universal human being.
I now have much more gratitude in me, I have realized that nothing is to be taken for granted and meant for me in this world. I am part of the world and in harmony with everything that surrounds me. Making changes in one’s life isn’t easy and it requires courage and trust. But what’s there for us to lose? With gratitude.
— Neili, Lilleoru community’s medicinal herb area manager
“After six months of Raising Together -training I look back to it as one of the most meaningful things I have ever been part of - and I want to share this love, connection, will and vision with everybody! Magalie’s and Ronski’s teachings have helped my journey of personal growth as a co-founder of our community - listening to the space and the group, feeling and leading from the heart.”
— Inka Hell, Graphic designer, intentional community builder & mother