In these times of great change, we must rise,  live life with radical authenticity, and align inner truth with outer action for the well being of all.

We are called to engage resiliency in every aspect of relationships and work.

How do we do this, given complexity and vulnerability arising within ourselves and our communities?

Do you long to better know yourself and live your truth?

Does community call you, yet challenge you?

Are you seeking to live your purpose more fully?


The world we live in calls for fully connected, expressed individuals; folks who have the courage to answer the call that is unique to their destiny and embrace their essence. To sustain and thrive, we must develop our ability to collaborate, unlearn patterns that keeps us in fear, unlock our creative spirit and dare to be real together. As many prophecies say, now is the time to embed ourselves in the larger consciousness of the ecosystem we live in and carry through on the passion, the stories and tools needed to respond together to this time of great turning.

This 7-day intensive offers a safe, compassionate and potent space for you to repattern your approach to leadership and relationship. Learn:

  • Embodied Community Leadership skills

  • Deep listening: the art of tuning in

  • How to tend the soul of community

  • Build connection through self expression.

By offering conscious leadership & relational skills, Rising Together is designed to provide you with the tools, vision, mind-set and embodied understanding of what it takes to build a thriving community field while being true to yourself.

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Here is an outline of the main aspects that are covered in the program:

  • Learn the Way of Council, a conscious communication practice for communities.

  • Develop skills and capacity to build greater trust and transparency within your relationships and community.

  • Engage in Shadow Work, transforming inner patterns that keeps us in fear or in need to control, limiting our ability to support what wants to emerge.
  • Experience Conscious Creative Self-Expression Approaches: supporting greater inner freedom, mindfulness, creativity and emotional intelligence.
  • Address questions such as…

Who Am I?
Who Am I As a Creative Being, Creator of A New Story for my Community?
Who Am I in Relationship to Others?
Who Am I as a Woman, or as a Man – carrier of both feminine and masculine energy?
Who Am I As an Intimate Being in relation to Community?
How can I help revealing the collective intelligence of my community?
How Can I shift from a Me to a We perspective in ways that respects my true nature and personal vision, so as other’s?

  • Bring greater consciousness of feminine / masculine dynamics, supporting greater integration and trust between genders and within yourself.
  • Learn Ritual Practices: Creating in your community a field of trust that honors the natural cycle of life and celebrate our humanity and magnificent collective capacity.


Your guides

Magalie Bonneau-Marcil, CPCC 

Magalie Bonneau-Marcil, CPCC 

Samantha Sweetwater, MA

Samantha Sweetwater, MA

when and where

Saturday March 26th - 4pm to Friday the 1st, 5pm, 2015. 

The training will take place in the beautiful hills of Santa Barbara in a stunning private property with pool, outside shower and a permaculture garden. 



Fall Special - valid until November 29th only - save $500 on full tuition.

$1800 early bird fee (register before Jan 15, 2016). 

$2100 standard fee
The fee includes organic food and tuition. Extra fee applies for on-site camping, dorm style sleeping in a yurt. One in-suite bedroom will be available as well. A list of airbnb is available upon request.


Santa Barbara is located 2 hours north away from Los Angeles Airport. Shuttles from LAX are available. 

This is for you if...

- You are seeking personal and collective development.

- You are part of an intentional communities (or wish to be) and seek ways that fosters genuine, authentic relationship and trust. 

- You want to foster deeper, more authentic and trustworthy relationships with those you engage with day to day. 


Magalie is the founder of Shaping New Culture & Dancing Without Borders. She is a visionary community leader who’s been dedicated for a decade to support the inner path of change makers. She is passionate about creating spaces unifying, healing and empowering through dance, coaching and facilitation. Magalie is a certified coach, a carrier of the Way of Council and a Dancing Freedom facilitator. She is passionate about creating sacred community spaces where participants can dive into new levels of consciousness, experience their true essence, discover who they are and access a new sense of possibilities. Magalie’s wisdom is founded on Magalie’s wisdom is founded on her study of love, somatic and regenerative community culture, studies with indigenous cultures and, as a young adult, her Olympic quest as a solo sailor. Her work with embodied leadership, reconciliation and ritual has been shared on 4 continents. 

Loved internationally for her infectious capacity to initiate joy-fueled transformation, Samantha Sweetwater is an educator, sacred activist, wisdom leader, artist and culture coder.  As the creator of a global movement of Dancing Freedom™ spanning six continents and touching thousands of lives, she is passionate about supporting people to awaken to who they really are and to their power to change the world through purposeful action.  A lifelong experiential physicist (ie. a choreographer, community leader, nature wanderer, permaculturalist, yogini and medicine woman) her expertise lies in facilitating a living bridge between states experience and stable embodiment.  She helps people to be and create what they know to be True.  She invites a profound return to the body, to planet earth and to the Mystery as safe and sacred places to live, love and co-create. Her first book, More Life, Please, will be released in 2016.

YOUR HOST Chloe Conger, embodiment facilitator, cook and community weaver


Chloe Conger, embodiment facilitator, cook and community weaver

“After six months of Rising Together training I look back to it as one of the most meaningful things I have ever been part of - and I want to share this love, connection, will and vision with everybody! Magalie’s teachings have helped my journey of personal growth as a co-founder of our community - listening to the space and the group, feeling and leading from the heart.”
— Inka Hell

Questions? contact Magalie