What we offer

Shaping New Culture creates a springboard bridging personal, community and cultural transformation by offering workshops and awakening community experiences that unify, unleash innovative initiatives and empowers from the inside out. Founded in a soulful way of engaging life, it offers mirrors of an abundant way of living day to day life sourced in spirit, love and kindness, mindfulness, dance, rituals and intergenerational co-creation. It is a place to explore your longings, your edges and personal needs, your pain and frustration, your deepest dreams, own your unique gifts that makes you invaluable and what challenges you.


Our Mission

Shaping New Culture is our response to a global society deeply ripe to re-member the source and power of tribal life committed to nourish life. The journey opens a lens that celebrates and honors our full humanity, connects us to purpose while unleashing our natural ability to be creative and resilient. The journey helps participants to trust their unique authentic expression and intuition, as well as deepen their ability to listen to the whole. The journey brings consciousness to the intricacy of social dynamics that can often get in the way of building community trust, finding alignment and ultimately, last over time.

How we work

Shaping New Culture is the culmination of two decades of body-centered community building and coaching work founded in a holistic framework. Over the years, we’ve built an alternative school, re-birthed a national sport team, facilitated circles, catalyzed large-scale grassroots community efforts across cultures and studied the wisdom of the indigenous. This quest and wealth of experience led us to develop our favorite teaching model: experiential, embodied and with a strong nature-awareness component.

What to expect

Expect deep wisdom, lots of play, minimal lectures, dance (no need to be a dancer!). You’ll learn by doing and experiencing the work.  Expect a sweet balance between contemplative solitude in nature, self-care time and community connection. You’ll be learning intentional embodied practices, be guided into experiential exercises, and explore community inquiries, allowing the collective intelligence to be revealed.


If you want to go fast, go alone.If you want to go far, go together.
— African Proverb