Calling Visionary Women

Throughout all time, women have gathered to re-member who we really are, replenish ourselves and own our unique essence. At this time, our global needs call us from everywhere to reclaim, trust and share our authentic voices, healing presence and translate it into purposeful compassionate action. As we engage in a Wild Journey revealing our light, beauty, depth, & power as women, we become initiators and allies into a larger movement rising worldwide.

You are invited to awaken and reclaim the embodied knowing of your feminine nature through the arts of body, heart, nature & soul, supporting each of us in living fully our calling in this time of great turning.  


who is invited

We are calling forth a collective of empowered, aware and creative women who believe in the power of gathering together to rise in service to the new culture emerging. This is a time when many visions are being received and birthed.  Let us open the space to become more attuned being with the capacity to fully embody our calling.  


what to expect

The journey opens You to the feminine Source of who you are. Through nature, your body's wisdom, your soul's knowing and an authentic community, you dive into what's most alive inside. We'll engage in embodiment practices of yoga, dance and Qi-Gong, in-depth earth wisdom teachings, rituals, craft, the way of council, a conscious communication practice and opened sharing circles. We'll venture out on contemplative walks in nature, experience a rite of passage, deepen our conscious relationship with food as medicine, free up our creative spirit through craft making and gather around wholesome organic vegetarian meals. 

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living the gifting culture

We are believers that all change-agents deserve access to soul renewal retreats. In this spirit, we open the journey under a sliding scale, making the retreat inclusive. Those with greater means offset those with less, supporting the eco-system to thrive.

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gifts & take aways

  • Reconnect to your essence & natural gifts
  • Receive inner guidance
  • Deepen your capacity to access and trust your intuition
  • Rebuild your life force energy. Return home nourished 
  • Meet inspiring conscious women midwifing the new culture
  • Enjoy the gift of gathering authentically with awakening women
  • Experience a rite of passage marking & honoring a life transition.
‘To be fully human is to be wild. Wild is the strange pull and whispering wisdom. It’s the gentle nudge and the forceful ache. It is your truth, passed down from the ancients, and the very stream of life in your blood.
Wild is the soul where passion and creativity reside, and the quickening of your heart.
Wild is what is real, and wild is your home.

— Victoria Erickson
What happens when women reclaim the power of our intergenerational wisdom passed between mothers and daughters, sisters and friends? What happens when we truly open the doors into the ancient lineage traditions of the Divine Feminine, letting the Goddess flow through our bodies, our speech, our vision and actions to heal ourselves, our communities, our civilizations and our Mother Earth?
— Sarah Drew, Author Gaia Codex

your guides


Magalie has dedicated over a decade to supporting growth of change makers from a feminine perspective. Magalie is a certified professional coach, a wilderness quest guide and a dancing Freedom facilitator. In 2012, she founded Dancing Without Borders, a creative leadership company that engages with visionaries, citizens and creative individuals to catalyze large scale transformative community experiences. Magalie’s wisdom is founded on her study of love, somatic and regenerative community culture, studies with indigenous cultures and, as a young adult, her Olympic quest as a solo sailor.  Originally from Quebec, Magalie is currently living in San Francisco. Her work in embodied leadership, reconciliation and large scale community ritual art filmed from the sky has been serving communities on four continents. Find out more about Magalie’s life's story



To be Walking in Remembrance- of who we are, and who we are to become” encompasses Bryce’s entire body of work. She weaves over 25 years as a practitioner and facilitator of multi-disciplinary self inquiry, somatic tracking, and consciousness based transformative healing/ movement arts in CA, Bali and Argentina. She has worked extensively with women in group and private setting with a diversity of ages, socio-economic backgrounds, spiritual dispositions and physical and emotional adversities/traumas, creating ceremony for assisting transformation across thresholds, life transitions and rites of passage. She is a devoted mother, wilderness guide, certified permaculturist, activist, yogini, ecstatic dancer, wild food forager, plant medicine maker, loving steward of the earth and passionate life learner! Bryce brings inspiration drawn from her life long practice of listening deeply, knowing how to break the mould, and embodying the flow of authentic inner guidance. Her dharma is to joyfully share this knowledge and support women in embodying their full potential. In 2013 she founded Living Compass Maui, a learning center dedicated to holistic education, deep ecology and community resiliency via restoration of indigenous wisdom. She currently lives on Maui with her son and extended ohana.

What if women found the courage to honor their calling that’s been whispering.
What if women lived their passion and examined their desire.
What if women lived a story that was a reflection of their soul’s dreams.
What if women trusted the wisdom of their body as their primary compass…
Just imagine...

What participants say...

For a long time I had great difficulties with expressing myself. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be accepted and my truth and I would be pushed away. This course was yet another confirmation that only by living authentically as myself I can be a true gift to others. The world is yearning to meet true ME and true YOU. My story and your story can be immensely healing and inspiring for many people. Expressing myself and my truth has brought me to a more uplifting and empowered LIFE. I’m more present, awake, conscious and authentic.
Remember, if there’s something alive inside you that is seeking to be expressed, there’s always someone somewhere for whom that expression is a great gift. All ideas and visions are already in the air – in our common field. It’s in your power to bring them to life. The world is changing every day inside you and around you. Set your focus and bring your dreams to life.
— Liis Luik, Kundalini yoga teacher
As I leave this retreat today, I’m not the same person anymore as before. I came to this gathering with a fear of expressing myself and speaking publicly. Actually it was a fear of being who I really am. Accepting myself is what removes all the obstacles from communication with other people. The ego dissolves. And it’s so much easier to do it together with people i.e. in a community. The feeling of love, togetherness and being supported help to carry out this change more safely and softly. I discovered for myself the healing power of touch. It is good to be touched, to feel noticed and cared about. The common conceptions about the roles of men and women are distorted. We all have both sides and we have to discover and use them. That’s the beginning of the universal human being.
I now have much more gratitude in me, I have realized that nothing is to be taken for granted and meant for me in this world. I am part of the world and in harmony with everything that surrounds me. Making changes in one’s life isn’t easy and it requires courage and trust. But what’s there for us to lose?
With gratitude,
— Neili, Lilleoru community’s medicinal herb area manager

Thanks to Paavo Eensalu for the stunning Photography

I came here because a conscious community wanted to emerge through me. This force was stronger than me. I trusted my inner feeling concerning the necessity of rising/awakening together. The experience exceeded all of my expectations, I experienced a deep connection with people, earth and the creator. I experienced the sacredness of everyone and everything. I want to bring this sacredness into my life every day through dance, rituals and intentions. I am the creator of my life, I am the creator of my children’s life as well. I am the creator of my community’s life, I am the creator of humanity’s life. I am.
— Selve, mother, dancer, teacher
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